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What is Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Somatropin, and the growth hormone more closely known to us, is a peptide produced in our body by the lobe of the pituitary gland. It is most active in the adolescence of the human body and is responsible for the formation and growth of our bones. Let us not be fooled by the fact that high growth hormone activity in childhood means that it is not of equal importance for the rest of our lives, as it is responsible for a number of other vital functions in our body.

HGH is involved in the synthesis of proteins, increases blood glucose, has a lipolytic effect and retains calcium and phosphate ions. To sum up, growth hormone is an irreplaceable foundation for the proper functioning of the endocrine economy and the formation of the body.

The use of recombinant growth hormone

Growth hormone was used in medicine in children with pituitary gland disorders, which impaired the proper and development of long bones, inhibiting growth, even leading to dwarfism. Under the supervision of a doctor and the adjustment of appropriate doses, the development of a child can be improved by bringing the height closer to the statistical mean.

It is also used in people after accidents or injuries, positively affecting the connective tissue, accelerating the regeneration process, which in combination with rehabilitation gives satisfactory results. The hormone is also used in people suffering from burns, accelerating the healing of unpleasant wounds.

HGH was on the list of steroids for athletes, and above all bodybuilders, changing their figures, which are becoming monstrous, contributing to the emergence of a new era of bodybuilding, bringing this sport to a completely different level. This product began to be treated as a solid basis for cycles. SAA for professionals, but also for amateurs who are not aware of the consequences of inept use of growth hormone.

How does growth hormone (HGH) work?

Growth hormone significantly stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins, leading to massive growth of muscle tissue by stimulating the IGF-1 hormone, an insulin-like growth factor similar in structure to insulin, which affects all other tissues.

HGH also directly affects the brain, because it improves mood and mentality, hence people using the peptide simply feel very good. Growth hormone also affects the skin, improving its quality, so we can have the effect of eternal youth, so when using other doping agents that intensify skin problems, it creates a wonderful balance. Somatropin is used by celebrities and actors to leave the skin forever young through significant collagen synthesis.

Growth hormone has an excellent effect on the immune system, which also perfectly correlates with other doping agents administered from the outside, which to a greater or lesser extent, especially at the beginning of the adventure with AAS, cause inflammation in the body while maintaining a healthy balance.