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What is PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)?

PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) are specialized products intended for use mainly after the treatment with doping agents. They allow for a significant reduction in the time necessary to build homeostasis in the body. They support the natural production of testosterone, namely restarting it. In addition, they can control estrogen levels, reduce aromatase, and often contain essential health-promoting ingredients, such as blood pressure, heart and liver. Properly conducted PCT also allows for the preservation of the obtained effects, which is undoubtedly a very difficult task.

How to take PCT correctly?

The time after the end of the steroid or prohormonal cycle is very important from the point of view of our health and, of course, the effects that we will eventually achieve. What we will be able to work out is only half the way, the second half, much more difficult, concerns what we will have left after discontinuing the support. PCT supplements not only protect our health, regenerate internal organs or control parameters such as pressure and cholesterol, but also support the natural production of testosterone, control estradiol, and most generally – help us restore balance. Of course, the most important are testosterone boosters and aromatase inhibitors, which in a way repair our endocrine system. Pro-health supplementation is also important. We can take care of it through mono-preparations or by selecting extensive PCT supplements that can be found in this category.

The effects of using PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

By using appropriate supplementation after the cycle, we can also count on a rapid increase in sex drive and better well-being during the day. Together with the decrease in the level of androgens supplied to the body, we very often have mood swings, sometimes depressive states, and sexual functions are strongly disturbed. Many of the testosterone boosters used for PCT have multifaceted effects and allow us to quickly get back on track in every aspect of life.

A dietary supplement is not a drug, it does not have to be effective, so if you are looking for a good PCT supplement, it is worth choosing a product based on ingredients with proven effects.